Business asUnusual

Relio now offers the simplicity of a digital business account to complex clients with:

  • International business activities
  • Foreign owners and directors
  • Complex ownership structures
  • Innovative business models
  • Crypto and blockchain technology

Open a business account without paperwork or long waiting times

Relio onboarding

Many companies lose weeks in the account opening process. With Relio, you complete the onboarding process in just a few clicks.

Register online without a branch visit

Free KYC check and due diligence

Quick decision on account opening


Progressive pricing for even the most complex business customers

Pay only for what you need. One tailored monthly fee, no hidden costs.

Register online in minutes

Step 1

Answer some questions about your company.

Step 2

Receive a price offer tailored to your business.

Step 3

Start using your account as soon as your application is approved.