The account
you can count on.

Open a Relio account for your business. Apply online and get a Swiss IBAN with just a few clicks.

Tailored to your business

From local freelancers to international holding companies, Relio is able to onboard even the most demanding business cases. Powerful features and services help you to get started quickly and can be configured to optimize workflows in your daily business.

Designed to get work done

Relio is focusing exclusively on the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. Powerful tools and software integrations save time and push productivity. Automate workflows, collaborate with colleagues and connect software with your Relio account via API.

FX & multi-currency

Send and receive money worldwide and hold multiple currencies at very low FX rates.

Virtual & physical debit cards

Empower your employees with their own cards and set limits for each user.

Automation & open API

Integrate your Relio account with other software via API to automate workflows.

Swiss & sustainable

Relio is a Swiss company and is seeking a fintech license from FINMA. We also strive to set a new standard in sustainability for financial services.

Transparent pricing without any hidden fees

Have peace of mind with a transparent all-in-one fee that includes all costs for FX, transactions, ATMs or tax report statements. The individual pricing plan is calculated based on your business profile such as ownership structure, international exposure and deposit size.

Pricing plan
Directors & shareholders
Average monthly deposit
Relio Swiss
from CHF 19.00
Directors & shareholders
Average monthly deposit
CHF 50'000
Relio Europe
from CHF 49.00
Directors & shareholders
Average monthly deposit
CHF 100'000
Relio Global
from CHF 99.00
Directors & shareholders
CH, EU*, Global*
Average monthly deposit
CHF 2'000'000

* For businesses that are registered in CH.